Safely unlock and recover lost documents in eDOCS DM

Admin Portal from MIRANDA Partners contains 3 eDOCS admin tools: Recover Manager, Unlock Manager and Document Info Manager.

Transparent processes with Admin Portal

Admin Portal from MIRANDA Partners is a web-based framework that holds several functions for eDOCS DM administrators and helpdesk staff.
The Admin Portal contains 3 tools: Recover Manager, Unlock Manager and Document Info Manager.
They provide a communication element that makes support processes transparent. Users, helpdesk and other participant will be informed about the actions.
Scroll down and read more about the function of each Manager.
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Secure administration of eDOCS document recovery processes with Admin Portal

Secure administation for admins and helpdesk

Admin Portal is a secure way of tracking lost or locked documents in eDOCS DM. 
The support team can access Admin Portal through eDOCS DM user login or by using their Microsoft AD. They are led through a wizard with security check and authorization every time.
Once the requested document is found, only the meta data of the document are available. There's no access to the actual document content.
For this reason not only admins but also helpdesk can fully manage the recovery process without risking violation of security restrictions!
The Managers in Admin Portal changes the time frame of support processes from days to minutes! 
Recover lost documents easily with Recover Manager for eDOCS - an eDOCS admin tool

Recover Manager for eDOCS

Recover documents easily from your DM installation in a sleek and user-friendly UI.
Lost documents can be recovered in a safe way from several restore points. The system creates a shadow repository of all restore points and deletions in the document creation and usage process.
The Admin Portal provides access to those restore points and the support team can now easily restore the selected versions back into eDOCS.
So even in confidential matters you are safe asking for a document recovery!
Download Recover Manager product description here
Unlock DM documents easily with Unlock Manager for eDOCS - an eDOCS admin tool

Unlock Manager for eDOCS

Find yourself in a situation, where a document in eDOCS DM has been locked and cannot be unlocked? Unlock them with Unlock Manager!
This manager unlocks locked documents in a safe way with full security and an easy to use process.
In an eDOCS environment documents are locked on purpose or by accident – this system provides a central operational unlock function.
Helpdesk or an appointed user can unlock – but can’t read the actual contents of the document. All operations are logged.
Download Unlock Manager product description here
Find extensive DM document information easily with Document Info Manager for eDOCS - an eDOCS admin tool

Document Info Manager for eDOCS

Find all the critical information and meta data regarding a document with Document Information Manager for eDOCS!
This is an extensive document information viewer for eDOCS admins and helpdesk.
The manager is a valued tool for helpdesk staff when working trouble shooting. Or as an extract tool for second level support information.
Download Document Info Manager product description here
Check security on eDOCS documents archived by disabled users - MIRANDA Partners

Document Access Manager for eDOCS

Document Access Manager is a new tool where admins and helpdesk can easily check security on eDOCS documents archived by deactivated users.
When an eDOCS user leaves the company, the user is deactivated in the system. This causes problems in cases where that user alone had access to specific documents and other employees need to be able to access. Only an eDOCS administrator can go in and change security and access to the documents.
But with the Document Access Manager, the helpdesk support team can now also safely handle the task via the Admin Portal for eDOCS from MIRANDA Partners.
Folder Access Manager for eDOCS - easily change Author or Doc.owner on folders archived by disabled eDOCS users

Folder Access Manager for eDOCS

Folder Access Manager allows support teams to easily find and change the profiling of the folders set for disabled users.
eDOCS documents automatically inherit rights from the security settings of the folder they are stored in. If an eDOCS user is deactivated and still is Author or Doc.Owner on a folder, the document profile will fail. Examples of scenarios:
1. The disabled user is both Doc.Owner and Author of the selected folder: The new user selected will be added as both Author and Doc.Owner to the document profile.
2. The disabled user is Doc.Owner, but the Author contains another active user: the Doc.Owner field is cleared (Doc.Owner is not a mandatory field and can be left blank).
3. The disabled user is Author, but Doc.Owner contains another active user: The newly selected user is added as Author.

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